Local and seasonal flowers only! For special requests please call us on 0459737855


Q. What if I need a special order?
A. Please call our shop directly and we can make the arrangements, no pun intended.

Q. How do I best care for my flowers once I receive them?
A. All of our flowers are fresh and local meaning if you look after them they’ll last ages. Simply trim the stems and pop them in a vase half to three quarters full of clean cool water – dirty water will make your flowers age quicker so if you change it they will last longer too.

Q. Why do you only have a few seasonal bouquets on your website?
A. We like to keep it simple – only supplying local and seasonal flowers from farmers we actually visit and know. By supplying you with only local seasonal flowers you are going to get the best, and since they haven’t been carted thousands of kilometres—the freshest. If you’re looking for something that you can’t see on our website get in touch and we’ll help you find it.

Q. What if my flowers can’t be safely delivered?
A. Please make sure there’s someone there to receive your flowers or pop any special delivery instructions in your order and we’ll do our best to get your flowers to you. If they can’t be delivered safely, they’ll be brought back to the shop and delivered again – at your expense.

Q. Why do you use only brown paper?                                                               

A.The brown paper that we use is 100% post consumer recycled paper. It showcases the flowers without all the tizz!